IRSA Congress 2016 (Toronto, 10-14 Agosto 2016)

On August 10-14, 2016, Ryerson University will host the XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology in Toronto, Canada. The Congress theme is “Sustainable and Just Rural Transitions: Connections and Complexities” and will include a session on “Emerging ruralities in deagrarized worlds” organized by Hubert C. de Grammont (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico) and Luis Camarero (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain), member of the ISO-RURAL research network.


Session Abstract: As of the industrial revolution, the trend of capitalism has consisted of the construction of two differentiated spaces: the predominance of agriculture in the countryside while industry and services concentrated in the city. However, since the end of the last century, the massive application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as well as the development of people and goods’ mobility systems, have produced what has been called “temporal-spatial compression”. With that, spatial relations modify, and a countertrend of decentralization of the secondary and tertiary sectors towards medium and small-sized cities, even towards rural spaces, begins. The English-speaking academia has referred to these processes as “counterurbanization”, while the French-speaking world has called it “diffuse industrialization”. But, besides the changes in the productive relations between and amongst territories, the emergence of the so-called postproductive economies has modified the nature of the activities pertaining to rural areas in what has been called diversification and multifunctionality.

This session intends to analyze, from a comparative viewpoint, different aspects of the on-going socioeconomic and politic processes that favor both the deagrarization, that is to say, the lessening of the importance of agriculture before the growth of the activities of different productive sectors, and the emergence of new functions that the globalized society requires from rural spaces. Analyzing the effects of these changes over rural societies is the object around which we intend to reflect from case studies that are far away from one another but close with respect to their social transformations.

For more information please visit the IRSA Congress 2016 website.

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