XXVI ESRS Congress (Aberdeen, 18-21 Agosto 2015)

The Research Study Group (RSG) Southern and Mediterranean Europe: Social Change, Challenges and Opportunities co-organized the Working Group (WK): “Southern and Eastern rural Europe under neo-liberal restructuring: Challenges, resistances and emancipations”, at the XXVI ESRS Congress held in Aberdeen, Scotland, 18-21 August 2015. The WK was convened by Katalin Kovács and Nigel Swain, and by Renato do Carmo and Mª Jesús Rivera.

The WG turned out to be an enriching space for discussion about the impact of the crisis suffered by southern and Mediterranean countries on their rural territories and rural lives, and to compare and exchange experiences with the also peripheral countries from Eastern Europe. The seven sessions of the WG counted on the active participation of several members of the RSG as chairs, presenters and discussers. Fourteen papers were presented on different dimensions of the southern and Mediterranean rural areas: periurban developments, migrations, farm types and strategies, aspects of labour and rural economies, resources and agencies, and movements of resistance, referring to Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

Proceedings are available here.

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